An Era Of Laser Marking Services

It’s been a considerable period of time since laser has been employed as  the prioritized tool for making accurate, sharp, precise, permanent and aesthetic markings on objects. Laser Marking Services are extensively used nowadays by majority of industries for meeting identification requirements. Laser marking is found to be the most accepted and common method of marking application. It is a permanent marking system that is widely used to mark identification on metallic and plastic surfaces along with all types of materials.

As compared to other marking applications, laser marking provides highest quality assurance as this marking method is used extensively for designing logos, bar codes, and other printing requirements on metallic and plastic surfaces. Laser marking system is a permanent marking process that can hold on its own against wear and tear, wiping, and scuffing. If you want to remove the laser marking prints it needs to be removed by grinding or complete removal of the surface. Number of different marking machines are available in the market that offer a superior marking quality. A fiber laser marking machine, for example, is used for performing laser printings  in varied forms and styles. The main benefit of using these kinds of laser machines is that they are quite easy to install and provide unmatched accuracy and precision.

Pad printing services also falls under the category of Laser Marking Services that employs an indirect offset printing process. An image can be transformed to 3D object with the help of this type of printing process. Industries such as medical, automotive, electronics, toys, computer peripherals, sports equipments etc employ this technology or marking system. Ultrasonic welding is a technique used by many industries which uses high frequency vibrations for joining dissimilar materials under high pressure.

There was a time when laser marking was once a process which was reserved only for practical applications but now this technology has become affordable and accessible to make it a common marking process for a wide variety of uses and applications. Manufacturers and especially designers are using it more frequently on metallic and plastic parts for differentiating similar objects.


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