A Brief Overview Of CO2 Laser Cutting Service

Laser Cutting Service is backed by laser technology which has made the entire process of metal cutting and fabrication a lot easier and accurate as compared to traditional methods of laser cutting. Laser cutting can be used in a vast range of applications ranging from medical devices, electrical components, military, aerospace, automotive industries and much more. There was a time when metal cutting was a long and complex task which was carried out with the help of conventional metal cutting methods which resulted in a lot of time consumption, accidental marking, wastage, and less accuracy along with poor finish and ordinary levels of efficiency. In short, there was a dire need of a smart alternative which can carry out metal surface cutting with remarkable precision and ease.

Laser cutters have proved their capability in the field of metal cutting and fabrication by cutting any type of surface with varied degree of thickness. This technology involves an emission of powerful laser beam from the laser system bearing concentrated characteristics. The commonly used laser devices are CO2 laser and the gas laser. This blog is composed with intention to discuss CO2 Laser Cutting Service so that the readers can have a fair knowledge of how it works. Carbon dioxide gas laser is one of the most tried and tested laser which has been used commonly and extensively by a large number of manufacturing facilities. This laser runs on a gas mixture including helium, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, water vapor, and xenon. It is also the highest power continuous wave laser producing a powerful beam of infrared light.


Some common applications for CO2 lasers include industrial cutting and welding; cutting with CO2 lasers allow for etching and engraving both basic and more complex designs. Welding with high quality lasers join multiple pieces of metal together with minimum distortion and improved fit and finish. Medical industry needs to deal with a variety of skin conditions and soft tissue surgeries. Laser systems are used effectively by medical professionals for painless hair removal without any use of surgical instruments. Use of laser greatly reduces the risk of post op infections and swelling.


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